About Our Construction Company

East Bay endeavors to establish our place in history, providing top quality service to infrastructures in municipalities across the country.

What We Do

Concrete Sealing

Detailing our asphalt to establish parking spaces and other detailing

Asphalt Repairs

Restoring asphalt to improve safety and road appearance.

Underground Piping

Providing a stabilizing layer for parking lots and other structures

About East Bay Construction & Services 1

EAST BAY Construction & Services combines a fresh approach to providing safe, high quality construction contracting services with the expertise and reputation of employees that have more than 100 years of combined experience. The result – a team of dedicated professionals that provide outstanding customer service.

Our work is backed by exceptional processes, construction and technology. We specialize in constructing, modifying, repairing, and resurfacing parking lots. You will find us working on a wide variety of new and existing private and public works projects. We are committed to providing the very best overall value.

Only the Best


East Bay Roots

Our ability to consistently deliver quality work  has allowed us to become one of the best known and most highly respected pavement contractors in the Washington Metropolition Area


Versatility Meets Quality

We have experience completing projects both small and large. For both the Public Works and Private Contracts.


Growing Network

Our commitment to quality has helped up establish excellent working partnerships with numerous general contractors all across the DMV.


Approved SLBE


Cert. 17-331

Baltimore City

MBE Cert # ,17-373887

Charles County



Capabilities Statement


East Bay Construction & Services 1, LLC is a contractor that grew from a specialty in concrete & asphalt paving, demolition, and restoration to include underground utility construction. We currently have crews available to perform underground utility work for sewer and water facilities. We can do open cut work on sewer and water mains, sewer and water house connections, point repairs, manhole replacements and concrete/asphalt restoration. We are registered with DC Water, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (SLBE Certified Contractors) and we are currently working on projects in Prince Georges, Montgomery County and Baltimore City.



237310 Concrete/asphalt paving (i.e. highway, road, street, public sidewalk)

236220 Commercial and institutional building construction

237110 Water & sewer line and related structures construction

238110 Concrete finishing, floor surfacing, pouring, repair, footings & foundations, and retaining walls

238120 Precast concrete panel, slab, or form installation; Concrete stairways

238140 Concrete block laying; stonework, masonry

238190 Concrete form contractors

238390 Concrete coating, glazing or sealing; weatherproofing concrete; concrete patio construction

238910 Concrete breaking and cutting for demolition; site preparation contractors

238990 Concrete patio construction; Concrete/asphalt paving residential and commercial driveway and parking area; Curb and gutter construction; Asphalt coating and sealing

423320 Brick, stone/related construction material merchant wholesale


Stephen D. Coates


EAST BAY CONSTRUCTION & MANAGEMENT, LLC 9103 Woodmore Centre Drive. #404 Lanham, MD 20706

Phone: 443.244.0449

eMail: scoates@calleastbay.com


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Our Offices:

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